Furniture Terms

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hand: the aesthetic feel or tactile quality of fabric.

Hand-Antiqued: The hand application of a darker color over a lighter color creating a dramatic highlight.

hardwood: wood from a deciduous tree. Maple, walnut, mahogany and oak are examples of hardwoods frequently used in furniture construction.

headboard: vertical panel or structure situated at the head of a bed frame.

Hepplewhite: Historically 1770-1786. A later contemporary of Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite's name also became synonymous with the style of furniture he popularized. His lighter, more delicate style consisted of slender fluted legs with spade feet, delicate carvings of classical motifs, shield or lyre backs on chairs and damask silks and satins for upholstery.

Hide: The skin of an animal.

high boy: a tall chest of drawers supported by four legs.

hue: the tint of a color; i.e. red, blue, green, yellow.

hutch: an upper cabinet with open shelves or doors that is placed atop a buffet, desk or other case good.

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